Green Alpha Advisors Crosses $100 Million in Assets

Green Alpha Advisors Crosses $100 Million in Assets

BOULDER, CO—November 9, 2017—Green Alpha ® Advisors, an asset manager specializing in innovation-driven, fossil fuel free equity portfolios, announced today that it has crossed $100 million in total assets under management as of October 31, 2017.

With the original launch of its Next Economy Index portfolio in 2008, Green Alpha began a building track record in its solutions-driven investment approach—a fundamentals-based investing strategy that reduces portfolio risk inherent in the legacy fossil fuels-driven economy, while driving capital to a sustainable, decarbonized economy. Now with five portfolio strategies and one mutual fund, Green Alpha has become a leader and innovator in the rapidly-growing sustainable and impact investing discipline.

“We are excited to reach the $100 million in capital under management threshold,” said COO Betsy Moszeter. “As investors look for sustainable and impact investing solutions, our growth is testament to the quality and dedication of our team and our commitment to an investment strategy that seeks solutions to climate change and other systemic risks.”

Green Alpha seeks sustainable and innovative solutions wherever they can be found. That’s why Green Alpha’s investment portfolios have been fossil fuel free, all-cap, cross-sector, and global since inception. Their investment strategies include:

    • Green Alpha Next Economy Index, A passively managed index portfolio designed to reflect and benchmark all aspects of the Next Economy – the unfolding, innovation-driven, sustainable economy.
    • Sierra Club® Green Alpha Portfolio, An active strategy that blends the Sierra Club’s strict social and environmental criteria with Green Alpha’s Next Economy methodology to create a portfolio of innovative companies with Sierra Club-approved environmental and social histories.
    • Green Alpha Growth & Income Portfolio, An actively managed, Next Economy portfolio that seeks long-term capital appreciation without excess volatility, while delivering dividend income at higher rates than the broad equity market.
    • Shelton Green Alpha Fund & Green Alpha Next Economy Select, A diversified, conviction-driven portfolio of Next Economy companies that exhibit market leadership and high-long term growth expectations, generally at compelling current valuations. Available as a mutual fund or separately managed account.
    • Nia Global Solutions, A gender diversity-oriented, actively managed portfolio seeking to achieve long-term capital growth.
“Since we launched Green Alpha a decade ago, we have consistently balanced our focus on solutions-based investing with an emphasis on achieving long-term capital appreciation,” said Co-Portfolio Manager Jeremy Deems. “Sustainable and impact investing is in the midst of explosive growth with positive results for investors and the planet—and we are proud to be serving investors with our rigorous commitment to the Next Economy and its practical investment application, Next Economy Portfolio Theory.”

Co-Portfolio Manager Garvin Jabusch added, “Complacency with the status quo is a backward-looking vision that we can ill afford. You can play defense and try to keep the tide off the beach, but in the long run it’s much more likely that you’ll earn competitive returns by innovating. Right now, that means investing in the indefinitely sustainable Next Economy.”

About Green Alpha Advisors, LLC

Green Alpha Advisors has been redefining asset management since 2007 by investing in the Next Economy – one in which solutions to our greatest systemic risks drive economic growth and allow the economy to thrive indefinitely. We believe companies that create or enable innovative solutions to the risks of climate change, resource scarcity and widening inequality are the greatest growth drivers of the twenty-first century. Our investment philosophy is straight forward: don’t invest in companies that cause global systemic risks; instead, invest in the solutions. That’s the Next Economy.
Green Alpha is proudly a Certified B Corporation.

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