Always invest in the solutions to global systemic risks, never in the causes.

That’s an effective way to preserve and grow long-term capital. That’s investing in the Next Economy.


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  • research systemic risks,
  • evaluate potential solutions to those risks,
  • analyze potential companies in which to invest, and then
  • build institutional-quality portfolios.

Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Planet

We begin with big picture, and what we can plainly see is that the economy of this century has little to do with those of the past. Today’s expanding list of systemic risks – starting with the climate crisis, widening inequality, resource degradation and scarcity – have put the business-as-usual economy in peril. Because the global economy fundamentally relies on a stable climate, ecosystems, resources, and social systems, risks to these economic underpinnings must be addressed to avoid collapse.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Rapidly accelerating innovation offers seemingly endless opportunities to mitigate these risks. All segments of the economy—from energy to food production—need to become far more efficient in order to fully realize an indefinitely sustainable, thriving economy.

This solutions-oriented, innovation-driven, indefinitely sustainable economy is the Next Economy.

And where there’s dire demand for these innovative solutions, there is investment opportunity.

Here’s what Next Economy solutions can look like: humans need food, and we know that the agriculture industry relies heavily on water, a diminishing resource that is further threatened by the warming climate and resulting shifts in precipitation patterns. This presents a clear opportunity to develop and invest in water efficiency, including measurement, management, and treatment technologies. Think renewable power-desalination (which takes saline water and converts it to fresh water) and data-enabled water pipes that automatically detect leaks and redirect water flow.

The companies that are developing or enabling these types of innovative solutions to systemic risks are the greatest growth drivers of this century. These companies make up the Next Economy.