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Scalable Business Model

Our strategy in operating and growing our business is to focus on what we do best: building and managing Next Economy portfolios for our clients. That’s why we choose to keep all functions in house that affect portfolio management, including all aspects of the investment process, executing trades on behalf of each client, and always providing the highest levels of client service possible. And we outsource non-core functions to external experts. Please scroll down to learn about our team members and key vendors that support our business objectives using their own unique skills and strengths.

Building a Team for the Next Economy

Green Alpha seeks employees who are ready to grow the Next Economy. We seek team members who are self-sufficient and resourceful, but who are also willing to offer their time and talents to build up others in the company. We reward innovation, bravery, and unapologetic radicalness in bringing non-traditional thinking to a traditional industry. The team works best when using individual and combined strengths to be truly creative – pushing outside-the-box thinking at every turn. We foster an environment and culture that is efficient and productive to the point of being prolific. We are a group of passionate, fun-loving, and irreverent people, excited to be working as critical components of a driven team.

We serve our clients well by focusing our time and attention on our strengths, and strategically partnering with external experts – leveraging their unique experiences and talents to help us achieve our long-term goals.

Team Highlights

  • The Executive Team has 75 years of investment industry experience
  • Each member of the Executive Team ~25 years of experience building and growing highly effective teams and organizations
  • Garvin and Jeremy have been managing sustainable, fossil fuel free portfolios together since 2002
  • The Green Alpha team represents diverse and interdisciplinary academic and professional experiences
  • We bring a long-term approach to everything we do, from stock selection to employee recruiting
  • Compensation packages are carefully designed to promote alignment with client interests

Non-Affiliated Partners

Investing for the Next Economy

Capitalizing on the inevitable economic and technological transition to sustainability.

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