Capitalizing on the inevitable economic and technological transition to sustainability.


All our portfolios consist of innovative solutions to major risks – climate change, resource scarcity and widening inequality. From a diversified, passive index to a low volatility, income-oriented portfolio, you have options when investing in the Next Economy.


Traditional, bottom-up research paired with a growth thesis based on climate, resource, and demographic trends – because a rapidly evolving economy requires an equally adaptive approach to investing. We follow science and innovation, not the crowd.


How can vertical farming feed a growing population? Why are states pushing ahead with clean energy? Read our latest thoughts on the economy, stock market and transition to the sustainable and equitable Next Economy.


Green Alpha is committed to democratizing access to high-quality investments by providing investors of all shapes and sizes with options that do double duty: meeting financial goals and driving progress toward an indefinitely sustainable economy.

White Papers

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    Inequality as a Systemic Risk

    Time and again, history has demonstrated that extreme levels of inequality can undermine a civilization’s ability to thrive. Today, the United States faces extreme levels of inequality that pose clear threats. A far more sustainable and equitable society is not only possible—it presents enormous opportunity.

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    Investing in the Next Economy

    As economic and environmental risks materialize, innovative companies addressing systemic risks are leading long-term economic growth. By directing capital to solutions creators, investors can catalyze and gain from the highly efficient, sustainable Next Economy.

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    Electrifying Portfolios

    In a world where fossil fuels are losing market share to efficient, technology-leveraged renewable energies, a prudent investor should consider carefully whether fossil fuel companies are a reasonably likely source of risk-adjusted returns.