Green Alpha Welcomes Nia Global Solutions Strategy to Expand Sustainable and Impact Investing Offerings

Addition of the investment strategy creates a Next Economy™ leader across fossil fuel free, solutions-oriented and gender-lens investing

Boulder, Colorado (March 22, 2016) – With growing investor demand for solutions-oriented strategies that address climate change, Green Alpha® Advisors, an asset management firm specializing in sustainable economy equity portfolios, announced today that it has merged the Nia Global Solutions investment strategy into the firm and is excited to have onboarded the Oakland-based team, including Kristin Hull, co-founder of the Nia Global Solutions investment strategy.

The merger provides individual investors, advisors and institutions with a robust, expanded product offering that includes separately managed accounts and a mutual fund investment vehicle, which are managed using deep knowledge and expertise in investment solutions that address critical environmental and sustainability issues.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to build a unique investing platform,” said Kristin Hull, who founded the Nia Global Solutions strategy in 2012. “The portfolio was designed to offer investors solutions that our world needs for both people and planet, to bring attention to diversity in leadership, and to create financial products that tie values with investment goals. I am thrilled to continue this work with my new colleagues at Green Alpha.”

“We are delighted to welcome the Nia Global Solutions team to Green Alpha Advisors,” added Betsy Moszeter, Green Alpha’s Chief Operating Officer. “Together, our talents and perspectives expand Green Alpha’s offerings and deepen our expertise across a range of solutions-oriented growth equity strategies. As Green Alpha grows, we will continue to push industry thinking and drive innovative, future-oriented investment strategies.”

Highly Synergistic Partnership

With more than a combined six decades in mutual fund, SMA, impact investing and foundation leadership, the larger Green Alpha Team can offer clients broader distribution and greater depth on its Investment Committee. Green Alpha’s product offerings include:

  • A public equity mutual fund with the objective to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in the Next Economy
  • Green Alpha Next Economy (GANEX): An all-cap, global growth index portfolio designed to define all aspects of the Next Economy; green, self-sustaining, eco-efficient, and fossil fuel free. GANEX, established in 2008, is the first broad-based index to track fossil fuel free investing in the U.S.
  • Sierra Club Green Alpha (SCGA): an active, long-only equity strategy managed in compliance with the Sierra Club’s strict social and environmental criteria and Green Alpha’s Next Economy methodology
  • Green Alpha Growth & Income (GAGIP): A sustainability-oriented, actively managed Next Economy portfolio combining moderate current income with potential for capital growth
  • Nia Global Solutions (NGS): A solutions-focused, sustainability, gender-lens, all-cap, Next Economy portfolio; actively managed using the Nia Global Solutions investment philosophy, seeking to achieve long-term capital growth.



Green Alpha Advisors is an asset management firm founded in 2007 on the belief that in order to live and thrive on our planet, we must make an inevitable economic and technological transition to sustainability. The firm’s investment strategies address core economic concerns emerging from the risks associated with resource scarcity and the worst effects of climate change – both exacerbated by population growth. Green Alpha, a Certified B Corporation, sees innovations that simultaneously address these core systemic risks and improve economic productivity as the greatest growth drivers of the 21st century.


Founded in 2012, the Nia Global Solutions investment strategy harnesses the innovative social purpose of investment. We seek to invest in companies whose leadership demonstrates a high level of commitment to diversity, transparency, employee engagement, and ecological sustainability. All portfolio companies have women in leadership on the executive management team and/or serving on the Board of Directors. Further, the team actively engages with companies around diversity and corporate accountability issues.


Morrison Shafroth