Investing for a Zero-Risk Economy ~ White Paper

The question is as old as it is simple: how can we construct portfolios to maximize performance gains and reduce risk? While some approaches have insights, they all treat portfolio construction as though it exists independent of the real economy.

We pose another question: what if it is not portfolio theory, but the economy itself that is the source of investment risk? Can we use our investments to affect stabilization of the global economy and thus de-risk our investments? We can. Read our white paper to find out more.

Investing for a Zero-Risk Economy: What if the economy itself is a source of investment risk?

Key Highlights

  • The Ideal. Investing for an indefinitely thriving economy despite multiple systemic threats requires a fresh first principles-based approach, leveraging the best expertise and methodologies available.
  • The Pragmatic. The world isn’t straightforward, so it’s crucial to identify and respond to pressing obstacles blocking transition to a de-risked economy.
  • The Portfolio. To actualize a zero-risk economy, we must direct investment capital to it. Portfolio construction requires a framework that leaves prevailing industry limitations behind, addresses structural risk, and selects indefinite environmental and economic sustainability as the ultimate goal.