The Ultimate Gender Lens Investment Strategy ~ White Paper

There is a widespread, persistent myth in investing circles that investing in solutions to the climate crisis and resource degradation is not, in itself, a gender-lens strategy. Nevertheless, women bear the heaviest burdens of the impacts of the climate crisis, including drought, flooding, other natural disasters, and increasingly problematic access to necessary natural resources.

Climate Crisis Solutions: The Ultimate Gender Lens Investment Strategy

Key Highlights

  • Even the “S” in ESG comes down to “E”: Extreme weather events, climate-related migration, and insufficient access to natural resources places exceptional pressure on humanity to survive, and within all societal groups, women experience these environmental burdens most acutely.
  • The “S” and “G” won’t matter if we don’t save the world: Innovative solutions to climate change and increasing resource scarcity are needed now more than ever to protect our most vulnerable populations, especially women and children.
  • Scalable solutions are ready to be deployed: Never have humans had the tools at their disposal that are available today. It’s time to invest in mass, rapid deployment.