Building a Team for the Next Economy

Green Alpha seeks employees with powerful attributes to work together to build the transition to the Next Economy. We seek team members who are self-sufficient and resourceful, while at the same time willing to offer their time and talents to build up others in the company. We reward innovation, bravery and unapologetic radicalness in bringing non-traditional thinking to a highly traditional industry. The team works best together when using individual and combined strengths to be truly creative – pushing ‘outside the box’ thinking at every turn. We foster an environment and culture that is efficient and productive to the point of being prolific. At heart, we are a team of passionate, fun-loving, and irreverent people, excited to be working on a like-minded team.

Team Highlights

    • The Executive Team has more than 60 years of investment industry experience
    • Our co-portfolio managers have been managing sustainable, fossil fuel free portfolios together since 2002
    • All employees are equity owners in Green Alpha Advisors, LLC
    • Compensation packages are carefully designed to promote alignment with client interests
    • We bring a long-term approach to everything we do, from stock selection to employee recruiting


Building a Company for the Next Economy

Green Alpha’s Advisory Board is a mindfully-built community of business and policy experts with decades of experience building successful enterprises. We created the Advisory Board in January of 2013 to help us realize our vision of actualizing the Next Economy, and to aid in distribution of our portfolios, which are constructed to reflect that economy.
Where investment capital is deployed in an economy is where everything happens, so we believe that investing in the Next Economy is the fastest way to bring about economic and environmental sustainability. We are proud to be working toward a better future with these distinguished individuals.

Investing for the Next Economy

Capitalizing on the inevitable economic and technological transition to sustainability.

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