Capitalizing on the inevitable economic and technological transition to sustainability.


Traditional, bottom up research paired with a compelling, macro-economic growth thesis based on scientific, demographic and climate trends.


Investing for the future; our vision is an innovation-driven, global economy that allows humans to thrive on earth indefinitely.


The intersection of GAA’s Next Economy universe and the Sierra Club's proprietary green investment guidelines; possibly the  greenest stock portfolio on Earth.


Ongoing commitment to providing institutional-grade investment management, broad platform availability and excellent service to our clients.

White Papers

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    Investing in the Next Economy

    As economic and environmental risks materialize, innovative companies addressing systemic risks are leading long-term economic growth. By directing capital to solutions creators, investors can catalyze and gain from the highly efficient, sustainable Next Economy.

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    Redefining Sustainable & Responsible Investing

    To appropriately invest in an indefinitely sustainable economy, investors must appreciate that the economy of the future will not be the legacy economy of the past. Therefore, building a sustainable portfolio requires new definitions and a new set of rules.

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    Divesting from Fossil Fuel Investments

    While fossil fuels threaten the long-term prosperity of the economy, renewable energy continues to gain market share. The transition to renewable energy offers an opportunity to avoid major risks, grow the economy, and achieve competitive investment returns.