Green Alpha Advisors Receives B Corp Certification

Boulder, Colorado (August 7, 2015) – Green Alpha ® Advisors is proud to announce that they have become a Certified B Corporation.  The process of becoming a Certified B Corp involves rigorous third party assessment by the non-profit organization B Lab, which measured the impact that Green Alpha’s business has on the environment, their workers, customers and the community.

B Lab’s website summarizes it well: “B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.”   A Certified B Corp is a company that has met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency throughout their business model.

The community of Certified B Corps is currently made up of 1,353 companies, in 41 countries and 121 industries, including well-known social and environmental leaders New Belgium Brewing, Patagonia, Seventh Generation and Ben & Jerry’s.   There are, in fact, currently 40 Investment Advisors, including Green Alpha, that are Certified B Corps.

“B Lab is excited to have Green Alpha on board as a Certified B Corporation.  The investment industry has a critical impact on the planet by controlling how, when and where capital is deployed around the world,” said Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-Founder of B Lab.  “We hope that Green Alpha will inspire others to join the movement of companies using business as a force for good.”

“For us, it took no discussion at all to decide to become a Certified B Corp,” said Green Alpha’s Chief Operating Officer, Betsy Moszeter.  “B Lab and the B Corp Movement embody the values, vision and practices that we look for in the companies in which we invest.  We have always run our company with the same vision and practices, and we’re thrilled to have third party analysis confirm that fact.”


Green Alpha Advisors is an asset management firm, founded in 2007 on the belief that in order to live and thrive on our planet, we must make an inevitable economic and technological transition to sustainability. Our investment strategies address core economic concerns emerging from the risks associated with resource scarcity and the worst effects of climate change – both exacerbated by population growth.  We see innovations that simultaneously address these core systemic risks and improve economic productivity as the greatest growth drivers of the 21st century.  Green Alpha is proudly a Certified B Corporation.


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