The Shelton Green Alpha Fund is Two Years Old, $25M in Assets

Boulder, Colorado (March 12, 2015) – Green Alpha Advisors, an asset management firm that invests in innovation-based fossil-free public equity strategies, announced today that their mutual fund, the Shelton Green Alpha Fund (ticker NEXTX) is two years old, and has more than $25M in assets.

Please view the Morningstar page for the Shelton Green Alpha Fund to view current returns, assets and other important information:

Green Alpha Co-founder Jeremy Deems, who is also an independent Trustee and Audit Committee Chairman of the Reaves Utility Income Fund (a closed end fund), the ALPS Variable Insurance Trust (an insurance mutual fund family), the ALPS ETF Trust (a family of Exchange Traded Funds), and the Financial Investors Trust (a family of open end mutual funds), commented on the success, “I’ve learned a lot about the highly competitive dynamics of the mutual fund industry as a Trustee these past few years, which gives me great pride in what we have achieved in the Shelton Green Alpha Fund, reaching the $25 million in assets mark at the two-year anniversary of the fund launch, with none of that money being seed capital.  We are grateful to our growing shareholder base, whose patient capital allows us to build meaningful positions in Next EconomyTM companies that are poised to take advantage of the inevitable shift towards a global economy driven by innovation and ecological recovery.”


Green Alpha Advisors, LLC (, is an asset management firm that uses science-driven, fundamentals-based research to invest in companies whose innovative products and services address an increasingly warmer, more populous, and resource-constrained planet. This is what they call their Next Economy™ thesis. From a macro-view, they see a shift from a 19th/20th century belief that the world’s resources are unlimited, to the 21st century reality that the world population’s strain on natural resources, from water to fossil fuels, is not sustainable. By necessity, the most innovative and forward-thinking companies are poised to solve these systemic risks and profit handsomely in so doing. They see this shift as the leading economic and investment opportunity of our generation.


The Shelton Funds are distributed by RFS Partners, a member of FINRA and affiliate of Shelton Capital Management.  Investors should carefully consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing.  For a copy of the Fund’s prospectus that contains this and other information, please visit the Fund’s website: or call Shelton Capital at 800-955-9988.


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