A New Year’s Message from Green Alpha Advisors

To our clients, partners, community, and to the world: Thank you for another fun and adventurous year! 

The Next EconomyTM continued to rock in 2019. Ingenuity never sleeps. Innovation always wins. In a wonderful confluence of events, the most innovative, productive, and efficient ways of running the economy are also the path to indefinite sustainability. We see it all around the economy.

Wind and solar electricity generation cheaper than coal and natural gas? Check. LEDs more efficient than CFLs? Check. Genomic therapies likely to become far quicker and more effective than many of the chronic, in some cases lifelong, courses of therapy used to treat many debilitating diseases today? Check. Machine learning and AI capable of executing many complex operations orders of magnitude faster than ever before? Check. All of these things – and more – accelerated in 2019, and, in our opinion, the innovative solutions engine is just warming up. Green Alpha is here to stay on top of it all for our clients.

As we wrote throughout 2019, the winning factor for investors in the Next Economy is to first identify the innovations so productive they can enable indefinite sustainability, and second to own as much of the intellectual property and production capacity related to those solutions as can be found in investment-worthy companies.

Does innovation exhibit short-term price volatility? Often, yes. Not always, but often. Does it end up replacing the incumbent technology or business model? Again, the answer is yes – not always, but often.

Green Alpha will continue to chase leading innovations in pursuit of indefinite economic and environmental sustainability. Nothing is inevitable, so adaptation is the key to, and the price of, victory. This is our guiding philosophy and one from which we will never stray.

Where has following that thesis led us?

Green Alpha’s business results in 2019 have been fantastic, inspiring a real sense of shared gratitude on our team. Client assets under management have grown approximately 80% since last New Year’s, and we’re humbled that more and more people are sharing our vision for what it means to be a prudent investor.

Performance results in our portfolios have also been strong, as our strategies have outperformed their benchmarks in 2019, arguably substantially. Look out for the official quarterly results email in about two weeks.

Cheers as we bid farewell to 2019, and here’s looking forward to a great 2020!

In gratitude,
The Green Alpha Team


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