Green Alpha’s House of Reps Testimony Revisited: Reflecting on Climate Momentum in the Wake of Capitol Hill’s Current ESG Focus

Many of you have been following Green Alpha Investments and our insights for years, and for that we’re grateful. Those who have may recall the important testimony we were asked to deliver to the House of Representatives’ Select Committee on the Climate Crisis in July of 2019. They called in a variety of experts and Green Alpha was the sole investing voice asked to speak on “Creating a Climate Resilient America: Business Views on the Costs of the Climate Crisis.”

Here at Green Alpha, we can’t help but think back to that testimony and follow-on discussions we had with such powerful politicians in light of all the ESG-related activity and press coverage on Capital Hill in recent months. Our CIO, Garvin Jabusch, recorded this audio content to share thoughts about then and now. Please enjoy.

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