Finding Companies Addressing Systemic Risks ~ Planet MicroCap Podcast

March 12, 2020 Interview Aired via Video and Audio by Planet MicroCap April 29, 2020

EP. 118 – Investing in the Next Economy: Finding Companies Addressing Systemic Risks

Planet MicroCap Podcast | MicroCap Investing Strategies

For this episode of the Planet MicroCap Podcast, I spoke Garvin Jabusch, Chief Investment Officer for Green Alpha Advisors. The firm’s mission is to, “grow our clients’ capital by building portfolios that tap into the innovation-driven economy and limit exposure to major systemic risks.” Green Alpha’s focus on investing in the Next Economy and looking for companies that are addressing systemic risks, is why I invited Garvin on to discuss their investing philosophy and thesis. He also has one of the coolest and more unique backgrounds that I’ve spoken too. For all of you who are also fans of Indiana Jones, you will too.

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