Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Planet

We follow science and innovation, not the crowd. We have been redefining asset management since 2007 by investing for the Next Economy, one in which solutions to our greatest systemic risks drive economic growth and allow the economy to thrive indefinitely. We believe companies that create or enable innovative solutions to the risks of climate change, resource scarcity and widening inequality are the greatest growth drivers of the twenty-first century.


Using science-driven, fundamentals-based research, we invest in companies whose innovative products and services address an increasingly warmer, more populous and resource-constrained planet.

Green Alpha Advisors invests for the Next Economy.


  • All-caps, cross-sector, global growth equities
  • Environmentally conscious, financially pragmatic
  • Driven by science, demography and innovation
  • Fossil fuel free portfolios
  • Bottom-up investment process built on fundamentals, value analysis, and a mega-trend growth thesis


  • Co-founders have been managing sustainable, fossil fuel free investment strategies together since 2002
  • Executive Team with 60 years combined investment management experience
  • Specialty portfolio managed for the Sierra Club (SCGA)



Evolution of Next Economy Thinking