Traditional, bottom up research paired with a compelling, macro-economic growth thesis based on scientific, demographic and climate trends.


Green Alpha begins the investment process by asking, “Does a company, in aggregate, contribute to or mitigate the systemic risks of resource scarcity, climate change or population growth?” The resulting list of Next Economy candidates are then vetted using time-tested growth and valuation methodologies.

Investment Process


Key solutions to warming, resource scarcity, extreme weather, rising sea levels and increasing population.

  • Inexpensive, indefinitely renewed energy
  • Waste-to-value economics (near perfect recycling)
  • Careful management of scarce resources, like water and farmland


Companies that deliver solutions most efficiently and profitably.

  • Observable high EPS growth
  • Proven management skill and execution
  • Areas of current or expected high demand


The most feasible, promising, fastest growing sectors.

  • Solar: cheap and efficient; fastest growing energy type in the world
  • Water management, treatment and creation
  • Advanced materials
  • Production and information efficiency gains