Green Alpha is Hiring! Equity Analyst Opening

The successful candidate will be one driven by curiosity to learn more, test ideas, challenge prior assumptions, and build ways of implementing best practices as our client base continues to grow. We need an equity analyst with enough industry experience to understand that some aspects of traditional asset management work well, and that some aspects are meaningfully outdated and broken. Said another way, we need someone who knows enough about the box to understand when, why, and how to think outside the box.

Green Alpha Advisors is an asset management firm located in Boulder County, Colorado. We serve individual clients, wealth advisors, family offices, and large institutions by investing assets in the public equities of innovative, scalable solutions to our greatest economic and environmental risks – climate change, resource degradation, widening inequality, and human disease burdens. By directing capital to solutions creators, we seek to help our clients catalyze and benefit from the emerging, highly efficient, sustainable Next EconomyTM.

Green Alpha is run by three entrepreneurial investment professionals who each have more than 20 years of investment industry experience. The Equity Analyst will work closely with all three Executives, because they also make up the Investment Committee, and each has different key roles on that team.

The Green Alpha team is excited about the opportunity to both teach the right candidate what they need to know to excel, and to also learn from and with the right candidate so we can all thrive and have fun exceeding our clients’ expectations.


  • Role: Equity Analyst
  • Status: Full-time
  • Location: Boulder County, CO – in person (not remote)


  • Continuously maintain and enhance critical Investment Committee reports and templates, such as:
    • top-down research files via Word
    • bottom-up research spreadsheets
  • Develop system for recording quarterly earnings updates and other material company announcements, and note/track updates across current holdings (140+) accordingly
  • Maintain Green Alpha’s Next Economy Universe of investable securities
  • Seek new candidates for consideration
  • Act as the lead organizing information and taking notes in weekly Investment Committee Meetings
  • Facilitate, participate, and take notes on behalf of the Committee during Investment Relations/Management conference calls
  • Assist Investment Committee members with keeping all data organized (e.g., shared file server folders organized in a consistent fashion, with consistent files names, sub-folder structures, etc.)

Job Candidate Characteristics:

  • Unabashedly curious – demonstrated through ongoing education and certifications, include industry-respected credentials (e.g. MBA, CFA strongly preferred)
  • Entrepreneurial – isn’t content simply to be handed tasks, wants to build better processes and procedures
  • Problem solver – Presents possible solutions as challenges are uncovered, and researches options when solutions sets aren’t immediately clear
  • Teacher – wants to not only learn new ideas and approaches, but is also motivated to teach others for the benefit of the team, firm, and clients
  • Possess exacting attention to detail and precision
  • Takes pride in being a team player – someone who desires to help in any way that maximizes benefits to clients and the firm
  • Demonstrated commitment to achieving goals – both personal and for the good of the organization


  • Excellent computer skills: Excel and Word
  • Experience with investment industry-specific applications, with preference for FactSet Integrated Solutions
  • Working, practical knowledge of U.S. SEC Investment Advisers Act and Investment Company Act regulations and best practices that the company must operate within
  • Proven capability to communicate the right details with team members in an open, fluid fashion
  • Extremely organized and happy to help keep others’ organized following company-wide standards


Please email your cover letter and resume to, and within your cover letter address how aspects of the job description fit your desires and goals, both short-term and long-term. Please do not call Green Alpha Advisors to express desire to apply or check on your application.

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